Drug Addiction Treatment in Miami

Understanding The Many Signs of Drug Addiction

Miami is full of life and opportunity, but there is a sad truth that some may not want to admit. Statistics show a rise of drug abuse in the city. This could affect anyone, and we are here to help those who are dealing with this sickness. Our experience has taught us how to tackle drug addiction. The most important thing that our clients need to be aware of are the signs and symptoms of drug addiction, which prompts them to seek help.

Signs of Drug Addiction

There are a number of reasons why someone might become addicted to a particular drug. These substances are chemicals that interrupt different parts or functions of the brain. Some drugs interfere with the communication between neurons, which can affect perception and lead to altered states of consciousness. Other drugs are designed to mimic neurotransmitters and cause you to have certain feelings, usually intensely positive.

The problem is the way the drug interacts with your brain; it forces the brain to adapt, and it becomes addicted to the substance eventually. This is why drugs can have such a strong and visible effect on a person. The following are some of the most common signs of addiction that need to be dealt with:

Physical Signs to Look for

Behavioral Changes to Watch out for
• Malnutrition, usually because the need for drugs surpasses other needs
• Overactive or underactive, but this does depend on the drug
• Repetitive speech because memory is impaired
• A runny nose or red eyes without having cold
• Sleep patterns are usually disrupted with drug use

Drugs change the way a person thinks, which is why a drug abuser could end up displaying behavioral traits that are different from who he or she is. The following are just some possible changes related to drug addiction:

Addiction can Affect Emotions
• Problems with school or work, like being consistently absent
• Missing important events or engagements
• Becoming more and more reclusive or secretive
• Behavioral issues may affect relationships negatively
• Problems with money become apparent

Neurological communication has a lot to do with emotions. We have seen these emotional changes with some of our clients. The following are just some of the emotional signs of addiction:

• Unexplained aggressiveness, irritability, or defensiveness
• Stress can no longer be handled properly
• You might lose interest in people or things that used to interest you
• Confusion happens more often and without reason

There are other signs to look for, and we are here to help you discover them. Our focus is to deal with the issue at hand, which is the chemical addiction to a particular drug. The brain will be unable to concentrate on any of our rehabilitation approaches without first dealing with the chemical addiction. Miami can be a place of prosperity, and you can participate in life again. We can help you fight this battle.