Help With Preventing Drug Addiction

Posted on: February 21, 2017 by in Addiction
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It goes without saying that the best way you can work on preventing drug addiction to any kind of drug would be not to do it in the first place. Because of this, you need to always take precautions when using a prescription drug that is known to be addictive. Your doctor may prescribe such a medication at a safe dose and then monitor use, and you need to be open and honest with your physician. Beyond that, there are some other steps that you can look into that should help to steer clear of a dangerous addiction.


Always talk with your children about the potential risks of drugs and taking them. If you are worried that you could be subject to an addiction, you need to remain honest and open with your family and close friends at all times. An open line of communication will often be best for anyone who is in danger of addiction of any kind.

Listen At All Times

If there is anyone close to you who may have an addiction that is looming, you need to be a good listener. The right level of support can be crucial for anyone, including yourself. If you have a teenager who seems to be getting pressured to use drugs, you need to be fully supporting of all of their efforts to resist.


Quality relationships and bonding with people who want the best for you can be a good way to help work against a pending addiction. If you are a parent with a child in danger of addiction, you need to work on a stable, strong bond to help cut back on their risk. By the same token, if you have a friend or other close family member who is taking drugs, be sure that you try to keep your relationship healthy to act as a good reminder that he/she has people who care.

Avoid Temptation

If you are someone who tends to have an addictive personality, you need to try to avoid peer pressure and temptations as much as you possibly can. You may have a few people in your life that dabble with recreational drugs, and some that have their own addictions. You are only going to be as good as the company that you keep, so you need to be sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who would never put you in a situation where an addiction could result. Alcohol and drugs of any kind could quickly lead to an addiction.

Keep in mind that there is never anyone who plans on becoming an alcoholic or a drug addict. It will be crucial that you get the help that you need and understand that when it goes too far, you should never be afraid to ask for help. The first part of the process is recognizing the problem so that you can get help. While you may not be perfect and there is no way to simply turn an addiction off, the more care that you take to keep yourself healthy and free of addiction, the better the chance you will have.